hello ,

i have this problem i cant figure if it from the gloable resources or in the event itself, so i am using 2 languages in my website's pages, one language which is not the defualt is working very well ,but the english language mode it isnt , so here i have help images beside the control that opens a small dialog contains the help text , in the other language it works and the dialog is opening ,but in english even the curser's shape isnt changed to trigger event..before the controls on both languages were working fine!
i tried to trace it using developer tools but it wont go inside the function !
where i call the function :

 <a href="#" style="vertical-align:top;"  data-helpcontent="<% = Resources.Resource.DialogCanNameContent%>"; onclick="ShowQuestionHelp(this); return false;" >
 <img alt="" class="imgInfoStatic" src="../Style/Images/empty.png"/></a>

the dialog i am trying to open

<div id="HelpDialog" style="display: none;">
 <div class="GeneralControl" style="width: 100%;"> 
 <span id="ContentOfDialog"  style="width:150px ;font-weight: bold;"></span>         

the function i am trying to call can you help me with this, i am trying to know why it's not going inside the function

  <script> function ShowQuestionHelp(obj) {
               $('#HelpDialog').dialog({ title: '<% = Resources.Resource.HelpTitle %>', width: 200, height: 150 });   


thank you so much

the dialog used to be shown before , but no it isnt :(
all i did after that was only completing my design

i found the problem and i solved it ,thanks everyone

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