Hello all,

I am relatively new to programming in general - the last formal object oriented programming class I took was my freshman year of college (my jargon may not be accurate). So please, bear with me. If this question should be asked in a different area (such as the C# forum, please let me know).

Basically, the premise is this: in one solution I have two projects, a Windows Form Application and a Web Application. My Windows Form Application will be a simple GUI (it will get more complicated later but I wanted to started more simply to start) with a label prompting the user to input some text, a TextBox for the user to input the text, and a Submit button. Once the Submit button is pressed I want to pass whatever was typed into the TextBox to appear in a TextBox on a given webpage (this webpage will be part of a Web Application that already exists but for now I am just using a local host for debugging and getting concepts down).

I have already designed the form for the Windows Form Application and designed the web page (again simple with a label stating "Text Entered from GUI:" and a TextBox). So now I'm stuck. I've tried a couple of different things and tried searching for a similar problems but no such luck. I thought that I could implement a "using" namespace with the name of my Windows Form project (in the aspx.cs page) but when I run, it doesn't recognize the method I use...so I tried putting the method directly in the .aspx page but it doesn't like the namespace I've given (asked if I was missing an assembly reference...which I am not...).

I feel like I am making this more difficult than it needs to be and I am not sure where to go from here. If someone needs to look at my code I will post it - I would post it now but it is a bit of a hassle. The computer I am programming on is not allowed to be hooked up to the Internet, nor am I allowed to use devices such as thumb drives, so I will have to type it in by hand. However, I am willing to do this if it means I can get some answers!! Again, I am here to learn and seek advice so any help would be GREATLY appreciated! Also, a speedy response is ideal!

Oh! I am using Visual Studio 2012, .NET Framework 4.5 and my Windows Form Application is written in C#.

You may need to give a more detailed explanation of what you are trying to do, but I expect you need to save your data someplace from your web form, such as a database or a text file, then have you web page load the data using the appropriate retrieval method.
Is your web page being served by a web server or is it a static page you just open in the browser?

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