Hi. I have a little technical enquiry about PHP that I'm hoping someone here can help me with.
I have a PHP/MySQL application on website A. This app takes a user input, does a few date/time calculations and presents the result onscreen as a series of 6 times.
A friend has another PHP/MySQL app on website B. He wants to send a similar user input to the app on website A, but he doesn't want to run my app on his site, he just wants to just display the result of the 6 times.
In other words, I need to find a way for my friend to enter his user input into my app (website A) and receive the 6 times back on his app (website B) to display however he wants.
I hope this is enough info and that the question makes sense.
Thanks in advance

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Depends on how you accept/prepare/output your data on site A.

If you only allow POST input, then they could use curl.
If you allow GET input, then they could use file_get_contents if siteB's settings allow.
You may even decide to create your own API and output json or xml or even jsonp.
jsonp output could allow x-domain ajax calls by your friend.

Just a few ideas.