After login when I redirected to my home page I want User name and small pic of user in side upper corner. And when i click on my Name the Detail regarding User (like Logout Go to your profile. messages )should be shown. And until I logout my my detail should be shown.

I think master page can help me. but still can't perform task as i wanted.

Example- Here In daniweb only once I logged-in and i can access All details related to me shown in top of the page like "rewards" "messages" "watched articals" and No need to put my login pass again and again. how to fetch these details after login and Retain in entire project at the top

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There is absolutely no way anyone could provide you with a complete answer in a single there here because there are many components you need to include in your project. Yes, for one, using a master page is a good idea.

A very high level... in your master page, you do need to have the necessary HTML/ASP.NET controls in place on the page so that it is shown on every page the user accesses.

However, you need to figure out if a user is logged in correct? There are a handful of ways to do this. Depending on how you handle the authentication component will help you decide on the rest.

For example, a you going to check if the user is logged on by checking for the existance of a cookie? Or will you be keeping some information in session variables that you will be checking on each page?

If you dont need alot of control over this process, has all ofhte controls you need with regards to authentication and authorization where you basically drop controls on the pages and add a few lines of coding.

Losts of information and examples on's site. Start here -->

My basic need is Message and user profile At the top of page. Person can see home page but can't interact with stuff that need database athentication. Don't share source code if it is tough for you tell me way to solve this problem step by step.

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