1. <input type="hidden" name="BKIRIM" id="txt" value=""/>
2. <input type="text" name="BKIRIM1" id="txt2" value=""/>
3. <input type="hidden" name="distance" id="distance" value=""/>
4. <input type="hidden" name="distance1" id="txt1" value=""/>
5. <input type="hidden" name="distance2" id="txt1" value=""/>
6. <td><span class="man"></span>From:</td>
7. <td>
8.  <?php   
9.       $query = "SELECT * from sfc";   
10.       $res = @mysql_query($query);   
11.       echo'<select name="from1" id="from1" onChange="Expedisi(this);">';   
12.       while($row = mysql_fetch_array($res))    {
13.           echo'<option value=""></option>';
14.           printf("<strong><option value=\"$row[FROM]\">$row[FROM]</option></strong>\n");   
15.       }
16.       echo "</select>"; ?> 
17. </td>
18. <td><span class="man"></span>To:</td>
20. <?php
21.   echo '<td>';   
22.   $query = "SELECT * from sfc";   
23.   $res = @mysql_query($query);   
24.   echo'<select name="to1" id="to1" onChange="Expedisi1(this);">';   
25.   while($row = mysql_fetch_array($res))    {
26.     echo'<option value=""></option>';
27.     printf("<strong><option value=\"$row[TO]\">$row[TO]</option></strong>\n");   
28.   }
29.   echo "</select>"; 
30.  ?>   
31. <td>  
32. <td>
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anybodies help me ...

if you post a question instead of dumping some code, you may receive some help.

Why are you using deprecated code?
Also brace out {...} your quoted array items


i do not understand your problems, you have not asked a question. you have not said what the problem is. what haapens? what is supposed to happen? don't expect a member to trawl through code and guess the question that you need answering.

so ask a question, tell us what's wrong.

//EDIT - Ok I see that you've now downvoted my post after originally upvoting it. We cannot be help responsible for your inability to post a simple question. Good luck with whatever you're doing.

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