Hi guys, I am looking to develop a web-based chatbot that uses a webcam to capture the user's facial features in order to determine the person's mood for better communication. Like for example a chatbot notices that the user is sad, the chatbot would ask "I noticed you're sad, any problems?" something like that.

I want to make this project but not really sure how. I started by searching how to create web-based chatbots. I was able to download and install a chatbot from Program-O. Is it possible for me to integrate face recognition here? I tried searching web based face recognition softwares and found KeyLemon. Any of your ideas would greatly help.

Thank you.

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KeyLemon has a developer API, so you might want to look into that, check if it provides what you need. Although Program-O has a chatbot, you still need a way to access the webcam and get an image, and that is not possible with PHP.


Hi pritaeas.Thanks for the reply. If not PHP, what language do you suggest i use? I/m not really familiar with the others and it's supposed to be a web-based chatbot. THanks.


I experimented with live streaming when I was in High School. The idea was to use a webcam then send the video accross the web through Red5 and Wowza servers. Today, they already have a much reliable servers that can do RTMP.

Just to give you the idea on how we did it 9 years ago. We utilize ffmpeg php and we lowered down the bitrate almost equal to the bitrate requirements of the Ogg video about 75kbps which is intended for 3inches x 3innches window. The result was cool even on 56k modem, but never liked the grainy video. We waited for a much cheaper high speed connection, but it never came. It was just too expensive for high school students to afford the monthly payment for the cable internet services.

Slowly, we abandoned the project after the interests have completely deminished, because all of us were bound for college.

I honestly believe that you can do this. If we were able to achieved similar to this some 9 years ago, there should not any problems doing it this time.

With a lower bitrate, ffmpeg PHP can capture the images and save it some directory. You can use the captured images and for face recognition jquery plugin. Since the processors of today are 50x faster than when I was in high school, I don't see any problem with the ffmpeg re-transcoding everything back to video.

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