in this query format i want to display the Memr_Name. how can i get the values from this query

$qryStr = mysqli_prepare($connection, "SELECT Memr_Name, MEMBER.Memr_Id from MEMBER, VOLUNTEER ".
                    " WHERE MEMBER.Memr_Id = VOLUNTEER.Memr_Id AND VOLUNTEER.Batch= ? ".
                    " AND VOLUNTEER.Task_Id = 'COR_GNRL' AND ".
                    " VOLUNTEER.Chapter_Id = ? ORDER BY Memr_Name ASC");
                    mysqli_stmt_bind_param($qryStr, "ss", $year, $chapterId );
                    $loginNumRow = mysqli_stmt_num_rows($qryStr);
                    mysqli_stmt_bind_result($qryStr, $year, $chapterId);
                    $data = mysqli_stmt_affected_rows($qryStr);

                  while ($row = mysqli_stmt_fetch($qryStr)) {
                        echo "<a href=\"TM_MemberList.php?year=$year&amp;coord=$row[1]\">$row[0]</a> <br>";
                        echo $row['Memr_Id'];


if i use this while loop am getting empty values.

Try to print our error from DB to see what you get.

printf("Error: %s.\n", mysqli_stmt_error($qryStr));