Hey guys,
I would like to know how much would it normally charge to create a zomato.com clone. Its a restaurant reviewing site where foodies can review the restaurants, bars and cafes.

Thanks in advance! :)


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If you're looking for a rough ballpark of effort for something custom, from scratch, I'd say it's around 150-200 hours of work:

Geographic search
Listing page
Detail page
Commenting / review functionality
Account management
Ad network integration

This excludes the mobile app which would add another 150-300 hours easily, unless it's nothing more than a shell around the mobile site (in which case I would not bother building it).

This includes front-end and back-end work but excludes actual design effort, which would be an additional cost at most places you'd go to get something done.

Hey thanks alot for the response! It was really helpful! :)

BTW, any idea how i can change my profile pic here..not able to figure this out.... :P


Scroll all the way up and click Edit profile in the top bar.

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