I have two arrays, and my problem is when I pick one value of first array it must also remotely picked the same value of the second array.

Explain :

array ("Volvo","BMW","Toyota");

array ("200","300","400");

It's like when I choose "Volvo" it must also remotely choose "200" OR when I choose "BMW" it must also remotely choose "300" and so on...

how can I do this please help;

thanks for your help..

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$value = $_POST['car']; //assuming coming from form

$cars = array ("Volvo","BMW","Toyota");
$nums = array ("200","300","400");

$index = array_search($value, $cars);
$num = $nums[$index];

echo $value . ': ' . $num; //test

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I tried to expand your code on a query..



    $prod_id = $_POST['prod_id'];
    $value = $_POST['sizeStatus']; //assuming coming from form

     $sql1 = "select * from tbl_product where prod_id = $prod_id";//SQLquery

    $result1 = mysqli_query($con,$sql1);
    $row = mysqli_fetch_array($result1);

    $sizes = $row['sizes'];//assuming coming from database : 1, 2, 3
    $colour = $row['colors'];//assuming coming from database : red, blue, pink 

    $arraySize = explode(',',$sizes);
    $arrayColour = explode(',',$colour);
    $index = array_search($value, $arraySize);
    $num = $arrayColour[$index];
    echo $value . ': ' . $num; //test 


<!---// FORM  //-->
<form method="post" action=""> 
        $sql = "select * from tbl_product where prod_id = 468"; //SQLquery
        $result = mysqli_query($con,$sql);
        $row = mysqli_fetch_array($result);
        $prod_id = $row['prod_id'];
        $sizes = $row['sizes'];

        echo '<input type="hidden" name="prod_id" value="'.$prod_id.'">';
        $temp = explode(',',$sizes);
        echo "<select name='sizeStatus'>";
        foreach($temp as $size){
        echo "<option>".trim($size)."</option>";
        echo "</select>";

<input type="submit" name=" submit">

the SIZE VALUE was right .. but the COLOUR VALUE is always RED .. why please help ..

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why are you exploding sizes? How do you have the size column defined? Try not to mix php with html if you can.

<form method="post" action="">
    $sql = "SELECT * FROM tbl_product WHERE prod_id = '468'";
    $results = mysqli_query($con, $sql);

    $row = mysqli_fetch_array($results);

    $sizes = explode(',',$row['size']);

<input type="hidden" name="prod_id" value="<?php echo $row['prod_id']; ?>" />

<select name="sizeStatus">
<?php foreach($sizes as $size): ?>
    <option value="<?php echo trim($size); ?>"><?php echo trim($size); ?></option>
<?php endforeach; ?>
<input type="submit" name=" submit">

Also give your option a value like above.

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