Hi ! I working on a site where i can contact potential employees through a skype button and either call or message them. I already implemented the button next to each employee on my list( code can be found on official skype pages). But if i press these buttons on my website a get a pop up reading "pick an application" and then i get to  my  windows folders.  What application is requested ?
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Care to share? Other members may be interested to know the solution. Thanks.

Unfortunately the matter hasnt been solved. I only got to open skype client through following code <a href="skype:contactX?call">Call</a> where contactX is the specific skype contact that should pop up. Unfortunately that doesnt happen and only the general skype client pops up. Still looking for a solution

@ Biz_1 already read this article but didnt help. thx anyways

I beleive you write a skype link like this:
<a href="skype:SkypeUsernameToCallHere?call">The Link Text</a>

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@texxs: If you read latrellvie's posts, you'll that this has already been tried