i need code shows how can i send information from html page to an email on submit
with out opening the email broweser or any external url

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If you don't want to open the persons email client, the only way is serverside scripting (PHP/ASP) once the form is submitted.

In php, you just use the mail function: http://php.net/manual/en/function.mail.php

In addition just to add a few more notes here... This can be accomplished with or without a postback. You can use js/AJAX to send the information back to the server script or you can allow the page to postback and return the results back to the client.

You just can't do this using HTML alone. If you don't have access to any server side scripting, you have to find a third party that provides this functionality to you using their js script client side and their server side script.

Also as a final note, the reference to ASP should really be ASP.NET.

commented: Sorry ASP.NET, my bad ;) +6
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