Hi all,
I am here for a serious suggestions!!!
I am new to web applicatons using C#.I want to clarify a few things please.
1). I'm using VS 2013 .Does it contains SQL Server built-in .if Yes,which version?
2).Should i head to Web Applications using MVC etc. or simply?
3). Kindly suggest me some good and up-to-date tutorials for it

I'm already tired googling but no good result

Serious suggestions? Who comes here for anything other than that?

1- you have options. You can use VS with a local version if SQL, or you can install SQL express, or point your solution to some other instance of SQL. If you want the local version that's used for dev purposes, you can install that option during the setup.

2- that's up to you. Microsoft has indicated they intend to support both web forms and MVC. MVC may be a good option if you are new at web dev. For those of us who have been wired to use web forms, MVC may be a challenge. It has been for me at least. I like web forms. Others will tell you that they like MVC.

3- you should start with Microsofts official site - www.asp.net. There are a lot of tutorials, guides, videos, etc...

I recommend that you do indeed use MVC, it is (in my opinion) easiest to learn and superior as well.

I learned MVC 4 from these two books:

http://www.amazon.com/Professional-ASP-NET-MVC-Jon-Galloway/dp/111834846X/ - basics of MVC development

http://www.amazon.com/Microsoft-NET-Architecting-Applications-Enterprise/dp/073562609X/ - teaches good architecture which is useful even beyond .NET

One more book, which is a good general introduction if you have not done much C# at all. It is not specific to MVC or ASP.NET at all but rather about C# itself, which you should learn as a language apart from whatever framework you use: