hi DaniWEB users,

it has always been a great support from dani web to answer questions and get feed back from every one. The issue i am facing is not a coding issue but a development platform issue,I have searched over the internet and was either unable to interpret my query or there was no result.

i am a Marketeer and a graphic designer for the last decade and have some plans that i would like to get developed. I hired multiple time developers to work with me as individuals but every time some one has an issue to part after a time and turns away with a copy of code or skips files so that the code is of no use intentionaly or damages the code.

Q. Is there any way that i can make the developers work to a resource which is avaiable on my PC or any PC which is to be used by developers. Any update they make is to be pooled up at a single point. BUT i donot want the developers to copy the project from my PC. Some how they are restricted to copy code but have access to develop it.

ANY suggestions are welcome.... MY choice of development is PHP as i am a developer my self but some what not begginer and not that intermediate.

Use a CVS (like GitHub or BitBucket, VisualSVN for example). You have access to the master branch, others create and check in their work/changes. Every change can be reverted, and you can contractually need them to check in before payment. You can give each developer his own branch, which you yourself can merge into the master.

Do note that developing might require access to more code, to be able to test. How you implement that is up to you. If developers create well-specified seperate modules this might not be an issue.

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