I have a ksh script that will actually read a config file, run a SQL statement against database,store the output in temp, convert them to HTML format and that sends a user an html-formatted email. Usually once per email, there is an exclamation point popping up in the middle of the email. I've read somewhere about this happening because of some limit at 1000 character limit.

Can someone help me on this? Its really frustating to have this marks in the middle :(

print -u3 "Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8\r\n";
print -u3 "Content-Transfer-Encoding:base64 \r\n";
print -u3 "\n<html>"
print -u3 "<body>"
print -u3 "<h1>$(grep REPORTTITLE $CFGFILE|cut -d'=' -f2)</h1>"
print -u3 "<p>$(grep REPORTHEADER $CFGFILE|cut -d'=' -f2)</p>"
# create report table
print -u3 '<table border="1">'
print -u3 "<tr><th>"
print -u3 `grep TABLEHEADS $CFGFILE|cut -d'=' -f2|sed -e 's/,/\<\/th\>\<th\>/g'`
print -u3 "</th></tr>"
print -u3 `sed -e 's/^/\<tr\> \<td\>/' -e 's/$/\<\/td\>  <\/tr\>/' -e 's/;/\<\/td\> \<td\>/g' $FILE`
print -u3 "\n</table>"

FILE is the csv file which is stored in tmp. That csv file contents are written to HTML output.
eg: output of the file

53  2014-12-25-  A
50  2014-12-25-  A
43  2014-12-25-  A
55  2014-12-25-01.1! 1.00.000000    A
49  2014-12-25-  A
54  2014-12-25-  A
47  2014-12-25-  A
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