Hello guys a newbie here! Kindly please someone clarify to me what I did wrong or did I miss something?

1st. I'm pretty sure my ISP provided me a static ip address.
2nd. My website is running fine within my home network even on different platforms though by visiting the local ip of my server only. (Ex.192.168.XXX)
3rd. Allowed connections to port 80 on my firewall
4th. Router already port forwarded. Here's how I did with my router Click Here
5th. My ISP is not blocking port 80 because I already tested it on "canyouseeme.org and yougetsignal.com".
6th. I don't have a domain yet because of the 7th reason.
7th. My main problem is when I tried to visit my website through my external ip address(Using my friends SmartPhone connected to mobile data or within my network) it asked me for my router's username and password. Also same result on doing this (Ex.
8th. Already tried to configure my Virtual host from this thread Click Here but nothing happens. (Can you teach me how to properly configure XAMPP's vhost to work it online)

Thanks a lot in advance and hope to solved this thread asap.
P.S: Just to inform you in advance that I don't want to use web hosting sites, this is for educational purpose only so I'm very well aware of the risk thanks.

If you're being prompted for your routers credentials, I can guarantee you that you won't fix it in XAMMP's configuration. Your port 80 is available externally, if it wasn't you wouldn't even get a response from your router (if it is really your router that is responding). Which leads me to believe that you have opened port 80, but port 80 is not configured in your router to route traffic on port 80 to the internal IP address of your machine that is hosting your site.

but I already did port forward port 80 on my router to my local ip. Is it not enough?

BTW thanks for your answer.

It should be unless there is something else that's wonky with your router config. I would make again that your ISP isn't definitely not blocking ports, which they do at times. When you get the prompt for credentials, did you try logging in? Just curious on what happened if you did.

Yes I did try logging in and it went to my router's config. I guess as well that my router just need to be configured properly but anything I configured doesn't work like enabling the DMZ(A Demilitarized Zone is used to provide Internet services without sacrificing unauthorized access to its local private network. Typically, the DMZ host contains devices accessible to Internet traffic, such as Web (HTTP ) servers, FTP servers, SMTP (e-mail) servers and DNS servers.) and making permission on the IP/Port filtering which this features are next to port forwarding.

Thanks again!

Just as a warning that many people forget:

Port forwarding and suchlike is extremely dangerous in terms of security, and should only be done if you know what you are doing.

Generally speaking, hosting companies have specialist ISPs, so there is no need for a standard ISP to deal with such requests. Therefore, firewalls on both the ISP and your side of things are not built for this, and as a result you're prone to attacks.

I can think of very few cases where localised hosting is neccisary, as it is merely asking for problems. Ideally, use a free (or even a paid) web hosting service. For the features they come with, it is far less hastle to use someone else.

I understand and thanks for the warning but as you may see on my recent post I'm all aware of the risk because its for educational purposes only.

Thanks again for your concern.