Hi everyone thanks for being here to helpout pls I've learnt alot about php but my problem is dat i need a basic foundation on how to use php in creating apps or cms and pls will also need a mentor who can helpout point some few things out when am doing it wrong tanx for your help in advance

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Tanx to daniweb for taling off the newbie list

You might want to start posting messages with proper English (even if it's not your first language). Saying "pls" and "tanx" does not usually suffice for many places.

You can start off with learning from: http://www.w3schools.com/

to get the basics in PHP.

and later on moves to:


for better online tutorials.

If you want other free stuff - you can google free PHP CMS Tutorials

commented: Try using your own tips. Maybe you'll get somewhere. +4
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