hi guys! i am a person who takes interst in the programming and try and implement some basic programs that i come across. I recently came across a site that allows us to see youtube videos as if we are watching it on youtube.(youtube is banned in pakistan and thus no youtube).it even has all the channels and all the videos that are there on youtube itself.


Now i know that its not possible for a site to simply scrap off all the data from the site and post it on their sites the servers and hosting would be cost prohibitive not to mention the time it would take to create a site like this and manually pasting the data.

i just dont understand how a site like this was coded and the possible ways for me to create a clone of this site.

P.S: sorry for bad english i tried my best to explain my problem.

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If you take a look at the soure of the page and find the element where the video is being played from, you'll see that the source of the videos comes from ytapi[.]com. maybe there are doing some type of proxy/streaming because i cant beleive they would have all of those videos downloaded on their servers, but who knows. that's my guess.

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