I have created a music related blog with wordpress on my localhost. But I have the hosting from google and now I am looking to change wordpress theme to blogger template. Searched a lot on the web but couldn't find the suitable or appropriate solution for this. If there is any way available I would like to know. The website is created so beautifully and it looks the perfect for a music blog. So I don't want to leave it.

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If it's that good, why sacrifice it for Blogger? Why not invest in some cheap hosting that would allow Wordpress?

Personally, I don't find many Blogger templates that exciting, because most decent designers/developers have realised the power and versatility of Wordpress, so don't bother looking at Blogger.

If I were you, keep your lovely theme the way it is and use Wordpress.

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I have to agree with mattster. Blogger is a very second rate alternative to Wordpress and all it can do for you. The majority of hosts come with ready support for WP in the form of installable packages. I wouldn't use these personally, but installing WP yourself is pretty painless. Consider it. I don't think that any serious bloggers still use Blogger these days. I may be wrong. It feels to "constrained". I gave up using it about 2 years ago.

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