Hi, all!

This seemed like the best place to pose my question, as there doesn't seem to be any forum specifically targeting ICS files...

I have a web server, where I have a script that generates ICS files. I can successfully import the ICS files into Google Calendar (browser-based) and Mozilla Lightning (so far), and view events. However, I can't seem to edit them in either place. Mozilla loads the ICS file in "read only" mode, and Google lists the calendar as an "other calendar", which I can't write to.

I have the permissions for the ICS file set to '777', and its parent folders all set to '777' up to the rootfolder of the website, which is set to '644'.

Any thoughts? Suggestions? Need for further details?


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Not sure what you mean by not being to edit them. Are you trying to edit your calendar events through Google Calendar - I'm not familiar with Mozilla Lightning. I doubt whether changing an event throught the Google Cal interface will affect the ICS file you imported. I believe it's one way. I believe that you can export Google Cal data though to various formats (including ICAL). I haven't used it for some time, so things have probably changed.


Sorry....going into a little more detail....

Both Google Calendar and Mozilla Lightning (a calendar extension for their mail application, Thunderbird) are capable of adding calendars by URL- you just point the application to your ICS file, and it adds them automatically. This should be separate from "importing" an ICS file in that it looks to the file on the server to synchronize and get events.

I'm finding that adding the calendar is not a problem, it's getting either application to add the calendar in anything outside of "read only" mode that's throwing me off.

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