Recently I have moved my server from hostgator to another hosting but after configuring my site, it only loading white page.
Please check my website here: or
Please help me to solve the problem.

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It seems to be working.

maybe:: dns propogation, it takes time of all the records in the web update to reflect the new address
working in Oz

Talk with hosting provider.
I have this error.

Network Access Message: The website cannot be found.

I pinging toward, server not respond. The IP of the server is
May be a DNS problem or a web server configuration problem or web server is stoped.

I can see that your site is working fine. I believe it was because DNS propagation


The first web address is working today. The second web address for news is not found when using the 'www' prefix but the website does display when using this is most likely an issue at your registrar that can easily be repaired. Call your webhost and tell them you cannot reach your News URL with the WWW and they will make the update. Hope this helps!

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