Hello all ! Good evening :)

I'm a newbie on learning about .NET framework.
I want to ask, if anyone can help by to show or guide me how to create a simple web application using VB.NET language and also involve a database part. In other word, I want to create one web application, where the user can key in their detail like name, address, date of birth and etc. After successful key in their data and store the data on database, user proceed to the next page. Can anyone help me? ;(

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If you are new to .NET then I would recommend that you first start by learning the basics of the Framework and the VB.NET language before diving into creating a web application with databases.

Having said that however, if you are do jump straight into it then I would recommend looking at ASP.NET MVC. There is also a good tutorial that walks you through creating an MVC application using Entity Framework against a local SQL database. Getting Started with ASP.NET MVC 5.



Hi djjeavons. Thank you. You answering this question in the both side :)

Hi tdrosiadis. I'm done reading that and now i'm trying to make some tutorial about it.

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