Hi all,

I new for web service. i already have web service in my server create by my boss. But now i need to create one app in c# for client to access the web service.

This is i need in my web.
WebServices Name :
Function Name : RetrieveLotInfo
In Parameter : LT Number
Out Parameter : LT Number, Baking Duration, Baking Temperature, IR Reflow (Output will split by “||” in string format)
Sample Input : PAD15270629147827
Sample Output : PAD15270629147827|

You can use either GET or POST variables for the message from the client, and then simple HTML for the output. GET variables go on the URL line. POST variables are embedded in the message from client to server and cannot be seen by outside entities, especially if you are using an https connection. Passwords are a good example of when you should use POST variables.