I have a website that has been using background color animations for a while when all of sudden they just stopped working. I can't think of any major change I've done that would have caused it. So I created a folder to test out my jquery.min.js and jquery.ui.js files. Here is the code:





Sorry I had to use all the paste bins for such short code. It wasn't inserting code correctly through DaniWeb.
One thing to note is that when you open this page I have it set you can see in the console that the code is running just fine. But the background-color is not changing. This is not only for background color, it's also not working on a border-color animation either. Plus it does not recognize 'easeOutQuint'. All of this leads to believe that something is wrong between Jquery and Jquery UI. I tried downloading the Jquery and Jquery UI files again but this did not fix the problem.

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Any errors showing in the console?

Just errors about easing.

Uncaught TypeError: na.easing[this.easing] is not a function

Which again points to JQueryUI not being used

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