I want to integrate PayPal IPN and payment getaway on my website. I want my website users to be able to sell ad space through my website using PayPal. I want the payment to be from my user (Advertiser) to my user (Publisher). Here is what I have done so far ... 1. I created a sandbox account to test payments. 2. I have created the PayPal button on my website with a custom variable. All I have left is the IPN part. I searched through this forum and the PayPal developer doc but it wasn't clear. All I want is to build the IPN page. I don't understand the PHP concept of CURL. I have read the PHP doc and it doesn't explain it well. I also have searched through YouTube for toturials but didn't find anything usful. Can some one please show me how can I build the IPN page and how to update the database when a transaction is successful. Thanks a million, Farris

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Hi, in practice this is a page that waits for a POST form submission, made by the PayPal service. An example can be found in their GitHub account:

You receive data and send it back to check if it's valid, then you can use save it.


By the way, I prefer using Guzzle instead of cURL, if you want to consider it here's the documentation:

Thanks, but I have one more question ...
Can I let my users receive money buy replacing business email with their email?
If not how can I do that?

Thanks a lot cereal.

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