i scan my invoice and i had 5 column item_no ,descrption ,qty,unit price, total Amount and ihave 20 rows i need to trans rows to excel file or .txt
i need to help to make programm by vb.net or asp.net :
scan the invoice then send data rows to table invoice It has the same columns invoice of sale
item_no ,descrption ,qty,unit price, total Amount sql server 2008

if impossible or

make programm to scan the invoice then send data all rows to excel or .txt

Express is very important please help if possible

this is first time i work whith this code pls help me

What do you mean by scan?

  1. Barcode? Get a barcode reader and write a frontend to catch the input and more.
  2. A printed page? That's OCR and you will not be writing OCR code. You might scan this with a camera/scanner then push it through image processing apps to get it ready to see what TESSERACT (see google) can read out of the scan. After that you write more code to pick through the text results.

Bottomline. You will be writing code. You won't be writing OCR code if you don't have years to develop this.

Well bass, a -1 for asking you a few questions and sharing a few ways? If that's a question in the comments, that belongs in a reply.

If that was a question the the comment, then answer is yes. A program (almost always custom) can do that.