Hello everyone has in the past this site has been helpfull for any kind of project that i´ve done
well, now it´s time for make some charges for the time that i been spending on those projects but i don´t know how, please ¿can you help me to make a quotation over a project of logistic bouquet
the web app that i´ve developed has the next modules

receipt of material
picking of material (generation of order automatically)
inventory (query,transaction,export to excel,crystal report)
notification thru e-mail to an external customer
support 24hr 365 day at year
responsive web design to fit on a handled computer

I spent 475 hr in the development of the app, approximately

What is your time worth (being self-employed it is worth more than if you were an employee with benefits, etc)? Multiply that by 475. Require half on delivery, and half on acceptance (they will need to test it out). Any changes that they require will add to the 475 hours, and that needs to be spelled out in the terms of your contract. You did get a contract of some sort? Or an accepted statement of work (SOW)?

That's going to be a lot higher than most imagine unless they've been in the business for years. That 24x7 support is going to be costly as you have 3 shifts and most likely more since folk will not want to work all days of the year.

This is easily in the 6 figure range if the software is complete and then in the same range yearly to run a 24x7 support office.

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