I am going to launch a startup in India for that i need a great hosting with nice customer service. I am going to buy a dedicated server for my site with unique IP from here bigrock.in/dedicated-servers.php. Actually i am trying to build a community of Charted Accountants in India, however I was bit confused about hosting platfom ,so need help which one should i choose, Linux or windows or which plan and if i am missing something do let me know so that i can make a perfect decision about it.

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If you're creating a static site (just plain HTML/javascript), it doesn't really matter if you choose Windows or Linux hosting. However, if you're thinking of creating a dynamic site with a server-side language with access to a back-end database / server files, then you have to know which setup you're going for. Usually a PHP/MySQL setup will be hosted on Linux - commonly called a LAMP setup (Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP), else you may want an ASP (C#/VB.net)/SQL Server setup on Windows server. Other options exist, but those are the "big 2".


Sorry cereal - was writing, got sidetracked and then posted :(

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If you want to build a community website then it is better to have a dynamic site and this would be great if you choose linux hosting. I think bigrock also offers linux web hosting .


Unless the OP comes back, perhaps it would be best to leave this thread for now as these types of threads tend to generate very low quality posts. Thanks.

(Sorry Sunder - not directed at you!)

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But if someone asking for help we need to help them first

True, but questions had been asked for the OP to answer. He didn't return. He has left the building. Carrying on regardless, just bumps this defunct thread to the top of the listings. And to respond to your statement, no, I don't agree. You can choose either hosting, only when you know which server-side technologies you will be using. Pointless going ahead and buying hosting on Linux if you intend to use MS techs.


Just you check who are providing completely managed servers only, because for that you will get excellent customer supports,and risk free.


Can somebody explain to me in VERY SIMPLE TERMS why this thread is still going? Please stop posting here unless you have something really new or earth shatteringly useful to add. Please read the OP very carefully and all replies and comments before typing a single character. Thank you.

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And I'm an admin everywhere and agree - all the spammy choose this host psosts are being deleted and this thread closed.
Looks like spam replies to me. Another forum which I'm a mod on, we can lock posts that are spam magnets.

Can somebody explain to me in VERY SIMPLE TERMS why this thread is still going? Please stop posting here unless you have something really new or earth shatteringly useful to add.

I don't have anything earth-shattering to add, nor particularly new, BUT I'll take the plunge and risk being a minority of one and add a generic opinion on necroposting. In this particular thread, I would agree that the necroposting wasn't needed since there wasn't much value added, and the initial thread was pretty useless since the OP didn't bother to come back. I'm with rprofitt on this one too. Looks like spam to me semi-disguised as advice, but the real purpose is to add the link. Could be wrong. Frankly I'm wondering if the OP did the same. Normally one would figure out what one needs, THEN pick a web hosting service based on the needs. He did the reverse.

That said, some topics are timeless and there can be good value-added. The real problem is drive-by posting with no value added, regardless of when it's posted. Folks with nothing to add shouldn't be posting, period. On more than one occasion, I've felt I've added value to a dead thread, only to be told "Look at the thread date, moron. The OP is long gone..." Yeah, I know that, but forums aren't just for the OP. If I google something and an old thread with a bug pops up, I'll add my two cents and point out that bug and why it's a bug. Hopefully the next person googling it will be helped. If memory serves, that happened recently on Daniweb. Someone revived a thread and pointed out that MD5 should no longer be used. Useful for everyone, not just the OP, so worth posting.

Anyway, that's my "pro-necroposting" thought. I'll add that I hold the same view on "solved" threads. The whole idea of a forum is to help not just the OP.

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Agreed in gen. Not sure about NP'ing. If somebody uses code from a 4 y.o. thread, well they're asking for trouble.