is there a plugin for video rating in WordPress that visitor be able to rate thumbs up or thumbs down continuously thought that video I mean be able to rate thumbs up or thumbs downs during the time they watch the video? for example thumb up at 01:05 and thumb down at 02:12 thank if any one could guide me or help me to write the code
and I won't forget to thank

I'm going with no. And how to create such, when video playback methods are all over the map can't be covered. But there is some hope if you opt for HTML5 only video.

Let's look over and there we see a very useful currentTime Property.

Now if you were to only play HTML5 video you could write your code to fire on that up/down vote to pick up the currentTime Property and use that to record their time and vote.

I am not offering to write this code, but to point to a possible exit.

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