Hello Sir,
I am developing social networking website using jsp and servlet . I have created login page using mysql but now i am not able to make posting status and commenting system on that post.Please provide me solution.

I am learning java programming by making a web project using it.
I have created all the connection of jsp and mysql for user login and signup.
After login now the problem comes is posting status with comment box.
I am not able to sought out this problem that how to proceed with that code as of no hint is provided on internet regarding posting status using jsp .

Ahh, you don't have a coding problem but a design problem. That is, you have not broken done the problem to STEPS (emphasis mine) that you can code and solve for the larger problem.

OK, back to school. Remember your System Design classes. You start with your problem statement then break it down into steps. If you have a step you can't solve, you break that step down into small steps.

-> Take your problem statement and break it down.