Are there any filters that help choose the social media topics that are gonna be shared more? I was thinking about joining a course like one of these and , cause there are no clear cut rules for the viral content.
The only info (the newest) is a scheme of social media engagement by Tiffany Usher shared on Buzzsumo and then on social business section. Tiffany mentioned that only 6% of people actually read the whole text. And the title of the content gets to more than 92% of the audience (research dated 12.12.2017).

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I hit your link and the title is "Go From Big Data to Data Scientist in Just Three Days at Boston University" which is either an bad advert of the subject of your web page. I immediately closed it and thought, I wonder what Kann was thinking when they made this page?

As to viral content, the same old system and people are in charge. Let's consider Facebook which has engaged in social engineering experiments. You are their pawn. You are being fed what they want.

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You need to research deeply your brand and product, after that, you should read more telling stories, start-up stories, follow fanpage (social) with the most likes and interactions to find out the interesting contents. I know a site named Quora, may you find good topics in there :)

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