I've been trying to have a button (Arduino) change the fill color of an ellipse in Processing 3. I thought an if statement like if(button == 0){ if(fillValue == rgb){ fill(0,0,0);}or something more or less. So if some one has the awnser please help.

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To me this is deeper than one line of code. From the beginning of time (as in when I began to code GUI things) I would have code to set up the button's event handler then some function that would be called to do what I wanted when the event happened.

Your one liner looks incomplete and ineffective. Remember that this forum rarely supplies a working code passage so share your work so far along with if you are using that "processing" javascript system.

And perhaps it's a better idea to ask this at the Arduino forum to get a quicker answer, because I really had to google what Arduino was :)

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