Friends, Mates, Buddies & Pals,

I don't want to google or youtube because there's a lot of bad tutorials rampaging the net.
And so, how-about you recommending me some text & video tutorials on:


I really need to learn password hashing. Encrypting & decrypting.
And web scraping.


Where did you learn these subjects from ? What is your source ?
I can checkout your recommendations after I wake-up and so take your time searching for the right ones to recommend to me. No rush. ;)
And, most of all: THANKS!

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Thanks for the link Pete.
I was looking for something for a beginner but I'll check your recommendation out.

There are articles for these on Wikipedia.

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Hashing for what purposes? Logins? If so see my tutorial (link supplied many times).

commented: Research, because what you don't know, can be known. +0
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