How to Open PDF document in asp.net web page without asking save/open/cacel dialogue .

I have tried but every time it prompts for saving/opening or cancel action.

Thanks in advance.



Thanks for your prompt reply.

I had tried the same things also but it invokes the dialogue box for saving/opening.


try a response.redirect to the document. i should not ask.

Hey, maybe


is what you're looking for?

I'm not sure that is the right solution, because if you redirect to a pdf file so the user on the other side has to have AcrobatReader on his machine, AcrobatReader know to open the file on the explorer, think of it as en addin to explorer so with out it the explorer does not know how to open the PDF file.
There is a simple solution posted by Microsoft in the next link:
I think its a better solution, but what ever you like.