Searching keywords inside webpages


hi all
my problem is searching :rolleyes: ...i want to search words within webpage which is stored in one directory..:surprised

it is different from normal directory searching :eek: ...beacause i am searching inside the webpage i want to omit all that html tags or other asp codes...:-|
also i want to know that is there any way to store webpage inside the database:confused: will be efficient than storing inside the directory....:surprised
seeking ur help :lol:

You can use windows find to search for text in files in a directory. If you want to do it from ASP page and skip HTML tags that's difficut you will need to learn all about regular expressions first for searching text.

If you downoad and install cygwin you can use linux tools like grep.

weppages are text, so yes you can just save it in a databse table. But you have to be carefull of length (how much text) so in MS SQL Server for instance you will want to use a column data type of ntext for example. Then you could set-up text indexing for searching, but again skipping all the tags would be difficult but not impossible.

thanks dude for ur help,
but my problem is different... i dont want the simple searching ... i am deveoping a webbased application for an intranet webpage help... i want it to be like microsoft help that u r getting pressing f1 key i will create a no of help pages ...and the user can search that pages with any keywords ....there i need help...i want to find the code for searching the keywords inside the pages which is stored inside some directory..... will u help me for that ...