Hi guys,
I am looking for javascript that slides a pointer (an image) from from end to another (left to right) on the movement of the mouse.

I have the navbar and I want the pointer to be on the top so that when the users moves his mouse on the navbar the pointer on the top moves with it - ...
i hope i am explaing this correctly.

I searched and searched but got nowhere so in desperation i am asking the question here.

thanks.. i hope i get some reponses.


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hmmm... didnt quite help there Paladine.

any other suggestions?

I'm having difficulty understanding the question. What attempts have you made so far to write this script?

If you want to capture the mouse movement and have it fire a JavaScript function, you'll have to use browser-specific code:

// id browsers
var iex=(document.all);
var nav=(document.layers);
var old=(navigator.appName=="Netscape" && !document.layers && !document.getElementById);
var n_6=(window.sidebar);

// capture mouse pointer
if(n_6) document.addEventListener("mousemove",get_mouse,true);

Then your "get_mouse" function would perform whatever sliding or navigation event you want, based upon the mouse coordinates captured in the "event" object.

Hi tgreer,

I don't really have prgramming knowlesge of Javascript, whille I was surfing i saw a menu that I liked very much http://www.vbstyles.com/forum/index.php?styleid=72 but instead of the vertical slide.. I am looking for a horizontal one

any suggestions.. - thanks.


The code I posted is the first step. It will watch for the mouse movement, and then fire a JavaScript function when the mouse moves, passing in the coordinates.

Someone will have to write the function to take those coordinates and use them to move your image.

I don't know if there are any pre-built scripts out there, which is what you want.

But the coding itself should be straightforward for a JavaScript programmer.

Thanks tgreer for getting me started on this.. i will look around!

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