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can any one help me how to pass model object from view to controller using ajax .i have below code but not working.i am getting null in EmpAddType .even i selected any thing from drop downlist


    function GetFilter() {  

        var employeeAddress = {  
            "EmpAddType": $("#drop1 option:selected").text()  


        alert($("#drop1 option:selected").text());  

            url: '@Url.Action("SaveAddress")',  
            type: 'POST',  
            cache: false,  
            contentType: 'application/json',  
            dataType: "json",  

            data: JSON.stringify(employeeAddress),  
            success: function (data) {  
                alert("You Multiple Data Passed Successfully");  

            error: function () {  

    function showDiv() {  

    function showDiv2() {