Im working on a one huge project that is combination of many sub projects which is talking to eachothers and they all use apart from data base whice responsible to manage user's account i dont want to work with one database so i have to isolate each project's database and use web service to allow them to communicate // or in each project i add manage account table and every time those changed i change it at all projects db

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Which approach is better make this part of tables which all projects use at single point and contact it ith web service . Or add it in every project and when one changed i change all


@M. It sounds like you are asking "How to design software." There are so many answers to that question that no one can tell you a "best" approach.

But in your case it may better to ask your team for possible solutions.

I'll write that I tend to make data driven apps over hard coded apps for many reasons. This falls neatly into your question about a table (we'll call that data) and if the design is table driven or coded so it does this and picks up values from a table. If you can code so the table drives the app around.

"But why?"
Deploring an app is a big deal. Changing a table that changes how the apps work, saves us a lot of time.

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