-EIQ Studio's- is looking for new/semi-new web developers looking to further their skills and experience in Web Development by assisting the Community with our Website. Once completed, A percentage of all profits that come through the website will be awarded to the developers.

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EIQ Studio's

In English there is no apostophe in the plural "Studios". Not a good start.

Is this
a) a scam
b) wishful thinking by some teenager in his/her parent's bedroom
c) a real thing...
... in which case maybe you should concentrate less on using unskilled labour and get some people who actually know what they are doing, starting with the copy and visual design.

commented: you missed "amature" :) +15
commented: My French friend says there's no apostrophe in French as well. +14

So you want people without practical experience to build you something for free which you then sell, after which you may give them some money if you make enough of a profit.

Sounds like a scam to me.

commented: The Pope said that the cup didn't run over, the cup got bigger. +14
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