Hello !
I have a task from my university that bothers me and I definately need some help.
I have to create a web app in which i can add locations from the world map by taking the coordinates
and make route between two selected locations from the added. Also the km/h between the two locations must be summed.
Other important and maybe one of the main things is to calculate the total cost summed that you have to pay.
If for example the traveler have 5 congestions and 3 of them are with bus and two are with train this must be calculated.
Finally the path between the two locations have to be highlighted on the google map. Technologies that I have to use
are PHP for the server side among with PGSQL and javascript for the google map api.

Any help and ideas given will be greatly appriciated !

That sounds like a neat idea. I think you'll be busy for months implementing this and getting it all bugged out. But I'm going with advice here. Break down the problem into manageable doable chunks. You have your high level goal but now you get to break it down into components your programming team can handle.

My thought is that you can break down the system to something like a classic design I use which is again high level but has worked for me many times which breaks a system into starting blocks like:

  1. The Interview. The screens that collect the information we need to get to the result.
  2. The Work. Here we use the interveiw answers to get more information and compute the answers for the last stage.
  3. The Report. Here we display, print or show the results.

Sometimes I run into new programmers that forget to break the problem down into chunks, steps or whatever you want to call work units.
Good luck in your assignment. You'll be at this for a long time.

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