echo '<td><a href="details.php?id=' . $row['ServerName'] . '">' . $row['ServerName'] . '</a></td>';--> it's working as expected( but it always display the one table value without any matching criteria hence i am trying with if condition as below)

if($row['ServerName']=='DataBase')<< curly start brace>>
echo '<td><a href="db.php?id=' . $row['ServerName'] . '">' . $row['ServerName'] . '</a></td>';
<<curly end brace>>

-- this above if condition code  not working as expected ( updated << curly start brace due to upload issue)

i am trying to use if condition if particular pattern match like below where as if i click on Test(under server Name column) if category matches unix it will redirect to one PHP page where it contain relevant fields to display associated information of Test server
like similar if i click on test1 and if it matches Database category it will display different fields.

Any suggestion or help would be greatly appreciated.

ServerName  Category 
  Test            Unix
Test1             Database