Hey everyone,

I'm working on one project of mine and for that I need legit credit card details for testing purpose. Can I develop any small tool or script which can help me out everytime to generate unique credit card details. This way, I can test my billing or payment section easily.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi, I've gone through the search but I couldn't understand much.

It appears your question isn't about finding such a tool but maybe about learning more about PHP. The PHP scripts are there for the taking but it appears something else is now the question.

Can you show me any example or something similar that you're looking to develop? I'm not able to understand, what exactly you're looking for.

Hey @aiylaarnold,

Here are few examples of sites having similar functionality:



I'm looking for similar functionality. I'm not having any kind of issue regarding website devlopment, placing button or using any kind of dynamic element. There's one thing that I don't know i.e. how to make my button cycle through the elements of CMS Collection at random. I just want to press the button and have the one piece of content change every time.

You need to understand the various parts involved with the card number. Type of industry / industry ID / issuer ID / personal account + checksum or if it doesn't need to be "real", use a random number generator (12-19 digit).
I'm assuming you just need a javascript implementation of this although you tagged this as post php. No need for a round trip to the server for this.

Perhaps, you can display the entire collection i.e. limit to 9999 entries. Initially set all of them to display none. Now, just develop one custom JavaScript to display one at a time.

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