Hi there

I want to display information regarding product with product pictures.
information is saved in sql server and images are save in harddrive director Images/Pc100
where Pc100 is product code and image name in directory.
can any one help me how to do in datarepeater/ or gridview.

Senerio: when i put product code into text box. then information should be show into grid with image.
and when i put category no = 1 then all product should be show with image into datarepeater/ gridvew

please help
waiting fro reply

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Welcome :)
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Hi ask yesterday one query 1st time, buti could not get it,
its means useless this forum


>>Hi ask yesterday one query 1st time, buti could not get it,

That's because no one is willing to do your homework. Post in your code and people are ready to help you out.

>>its means useless this forum

Your wrong about that my friend. How can you jump into conclusions that this forum is useless?

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