BillWebber 17 Newbie Poster


I know some HTML but no PHP.

I am just makign some hook pages for my affiliate stuff. One of side pages will be a simple version of "whats my ip".

I have placed some copied code in the PHP file on my server space (test.php) and it returns the real IP just fine.

I can transfer this to one of the html pages on my site but I am struggeling to alter the properties of it. I have tried with Iframes and other meathods. It appears that the properties cannot be changed. I have tried altering the css file and putting the css code directly on the page, it will not budge.

I just wanted to change the font, alter the size and reposition it on the HTML page.

I don't want people having to do homework for me but could someone just let me know the best and simplest route to take to achieve this please?