Hello webmasters,

I have a website about memes and I want to update the database each time the user scrolls down.
I have no problem when I make a few requests to the database, but what if I want to do a lot of requests in a large database?
I recently had to refactor my code to exclude some code that is important just for the sake of performance.
Is there any way around it? How does Facebook do it?

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You can write to an in-memory table or to a cache (such as memcached or redis) with rolling activity logs, and then do batch jobs to update multiple rows in the database at once.

What is your front-end (or better yet, what is the URL of the site, so we can see the front-end)? A couple of things worthy of a search are "debounce" and, if you have jQuery, "scrollstop" since these will fire much less frequently than window.onscroll.

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