What is the difference between facebook analytics and google analytics?

pty commented: ffs, if this type of shitposting doesn't make it clear that shadowbanning or heavy moderation are a good thing, I don't know what will... -2
rproffitt commented: I've seen this class of posting before. This is my +1 for pty. -3

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C'mon davy_yg, you have been a member for six years and made nearly 2,000 posts and can do better than that. Did you really mean to ask what you asked, or were you really thinking something else? Maybe you are actually asking why the two return different measurements for ad/click conversions? In which case, this explanation is as good as any...

6 year member. I saw a spat of such posts on forums and it appears they thought this was a way to score points like Quora does. You are not on that other site.

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