Hi, I built a maze game and it's working pretty well except on touch devices. Before this project, I had never used touch events and so I had to learn about them to implement. But I'm sort of unable to make them work. This is my git repository- (https://github.com/sapinder-pal/Cheesy-Maze-Depth-First-Search-Algorithm), and this is the live site- (https://sapinder-pal.github.io/Cheesy-Maze-Depth-First-Search-Algorithm/).
The events and event handlers are in the index.js file.
Please let me know the wrongs I'm doing and what I rather should!

Re: Adding touch support for webpage on mobile 80 80

Hi Sappie,

it looks like you already did a lot of work on your app. It will however be a huge time constraint for any of us to work through your entire project, I would suggest you rather highlight certain aspects with code to supply a more specific topic to your question than a generalised one as is the case now.


commented: please just refer to the 'Move Events' section in index.js file. I'm sure that the problem is with my use of 'touch events'. +0
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