I need some help. I have a cold fusion site that uses a common header that is included in every file. In this header is the page title. This means every page has the same title.

I took the code from the header file and replace it where the include statement was in a file. But I got errors??? Instead of cluding the code through an include file I put it directly in the file and now it doesn't work.

Does this make sense to anyone?

Thanks for the help.

Best Regards,

hey there,
what is ur actual requirement?
a) do u want different page titles in different pages or
b) you want the title mentioned in one page to be reflected in all the pages of your site....

if (a) is your option then you have to set the title in every page
if (b) is ur requirement then you can write the title tag in the application.cfm file which will make it the title for all the pages in the application unless it is changed....

let me know if this helped you....

You can do what I do on my site at http://www.damonledet.com I use cfset to set a var at the top of every page then I use cfinclude as the next line to include my navbar that is also where I have the head defined. This makes it real easy to just output the var. Hope that helps