I need help with preselecting checkboxes in a HTML form.

The first form has several checkboxes and then I post this to a php page which based on the checkboxes selected will send out emails. Each check box corresponds to an email address. After I send an email to selected people, I then at a later point would like to send an update email. The second form should be pulling up information regarding these checkboxes and select boxes accordingly.

The checkbox portion in the form looks like this!


I then post the above to a PHP page, which then inserts these values into mysql database. I use array_merge to merge the values into a string into a database. When inserted, it get inserted as [email],,[/email]. My second form has the same checkboxes but I am clueless regarding reading the checkbox values back and checking the boxes automatically.

Please advise!

Thank you in advance,
- Gravis

Use the "checked" option.


You'll likely want to bookmark this page:

A couple notes:
1. Always put your HTML options in quotes. If you get a space in the input field somewhere, it will interpret it up to the space.
2. Take care in placing the boxes to avoid ambiguity and save your users some trouble. Don't check them all "for" the user if the user is likely to uncheck them all.