Hai friend

I am using thirt party open soucre in php to mail finction.
I want to add additional functionality to move mail to folder.
I want add new menu add new folder and select the mail and move to the new folder . seelcted mails are move to that folder..

Please send me any suggestion How to move the mail to new folder.


Sorry, but I think it's unclear exactly what you are trying to do.

I assume you mean you have an open source webmail program based in PHP? If this is true, your PHP installation almost certainly has access to the file structure where the emails are stored.

Find out what format the messages are stored. Mbox maybe?

Research the file() functions in the PHP manual.
Familiarize yourself with how the email is stored in their respective files (Mbox is fairly straightforward, don't be overwhelmed by all the headers).

You will want to make a new text file in the mail storage folder for the spacific user in the name of the new folder. And cut and paste the targetted lines into the new file. (This is all using the File System functions of PHP).

I hope this pushes you in the right direction =)