Is there any webhost which offer less than 5$.if so will you pls direct me

That is a good one. <URL SNIPPED>

Note: This really belongs in web site reviews, but since you posted here I'm going to comment here.

aarya: why is incomplete? I clicked on most of the links and only got "Webpage cannot be found" errors. If you're going to advertise your web sites at least the links should work.

And the tutorials are terrible (only looked at HTML), they are so brief that they are next to useless. I was disappointed because I was hoping for something with a lot more meat to it.

Ancient dragon - aarya wasn't here since last year, so it may be little pointless to ask for explanation. It is chackboom fault that this post was reopen as he keeps over the period of time nicely slip advertising of this web hosting company, which we may not know is his.
@ chackboom - unfortunately is not the cheapest one also has less to offer. As before due to fact chackboom is advertising, the link will be removed...